Make THIS with THAT?!? Building a Video Practice in 2021 (and How to Make At-Home Videos that Don't Suck)

Featuring Jim Kozyra and Ben Oliver
TBI Inc. and Storyboard Media

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About this session

Our approach to video production in business has changed forever. Not just because many of our team members (not to mention video producers) may be working at home or at a distance, but because the role of video in marketing and sales has shifted, and the expectations of audiences have changed. Forever. And the good news is that you don't need fancy equipment anymore, what you need is a bit of creativity and a fresh mindset.

Join Jim Kozyra, award-winning in-house video producer at TBI Inc. and former star of a KFC commercial, and Ben Oliver, co-founder of Storyboard Media, to learn how to build a modern video practice within your business that incorporates both in-house and outsourced video content creation. Discover how to empower different people on your team to create and participate in videos even if they are remote, what type of gear is most important for creating educational content that feels authentic, and how to create a video content strategy plan that meets the expectations of today's audiences. Walk away with all the tips you need to ensure your at-home produced videos don't suck and that you're making the most of every you produce.

Jim Kozyra

Jim Kozyra is an actor, writer and video editor (not necessarily in that order). He is the in-house Video Production Manager at TBI, a telecom master agent located in Chicago.

Ben Oliver

I help B2B revenue teams - marketing, sales, and customer success - practice effective video for business.

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