Live-Streaming for Businesses: Examples from the Real World of Business Broadcasting

Featuring Daniel Glickman
Head of Marketing, Streamyard

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About this session

Live-streaming is skyrocketing in popularity amongst both brands and audiences, but very few businesses - especially those in B2B - have figured out what the heck to do with it! Why would you go live on a social media platform instead of just recording and sharing a video, or doing a traditional webinar? What makes live-streaming so effective and how can modern businesses tap into it as a way to hyper engage their community?

In this talk, Daniel Glickman, head of growth at StreamYard, will break-down the business goals and various use-cases for business live-streaming. You'll learn when you should go live as a business, what KPIs are associated with live streaming, and how to track them effectively. You'll also see real-world examples of how other B2B and B2C businesses use live video in their marketing and community engagement efforts.

Daniel Glickman

Daniel Glickman is an internationally recognized marketing leader, speaker, and author. As head of growth at StreamYard he leads and manages digital marketing, advertising, and PR activities.

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